Ah, the first post.  In my dream introduction Bob Sheppard would be here – "Now blogging, The Great Hambino, Numba 3, Hambino".  I can obviously keep dreaming. 

I’m not really sure what I intend to write about in this rumblin’ bumblin’ stumblin’ excuse for coherncy, really just decided to do this on a whim.  We’ll see what happens.  And if anybody reads it.

What I am sure of is that baseball season is nearly upon us.  Its like waiting for Christmas as an 8 year old.  This Opening Day, like many before it, will be spent at Yankee Stadium.  I’m happy about every facet of it except for two – beers will surely be more expensive than ever, and Bernie Williams will not be introduced.  I suppose theres not much more to say about it after the Post and Daily News’ daily report of nothing to report before full squad workouts, but I’m going to anyway.  Bernie should be in pinstripes this year.  Not because he’s a fan favorite or the old guard of the Yankee dynasty.  Not because Jeter and Posada and Mo left him messages that he never returned.  No, because he can still hit.  I shudder to think about Mr. Torre telling Andy Phillips to grab a bat with the winning run on 2nd and Mientewicz’s spot in the order up against Wakefield at Fenway in September. 

Obviously my opinion is different than Yankee brass.  And obviously I’m paying for the privelege to write it where surely nobody will read it.  But I think the Yankees are a better team with Bernie than without him, simple as that.  And if you want to argue with me, bring it on.

He’s been my favorite player for as long as I can remember.  I already miss him for sentimental reasons, but I’m going to miss a switch hitting batting champion off the bench this season more. 



  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Welcome to the MLBlogosphere! Looking forward to more posts and drop by anytime on the community blog. We’ll get you added to the Rookies section and the MLBlogs Active Roster browse page. Have fun blogging!



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